We reinvented a fading circular and turned it into powerhouse national publication.


Live Naturally Magazine is a natural and organic lifestyle publication that educates the mainstream consumer and encourages sales of natural products at Kroger stores around the country.

  • Highly effective content marketing vehicle driving sales of natural products while promoting vendor brands in store.
  • Quarterly print magazine distributed exclusively through Kroger stores, the largest grocery chain in the United States
  • Uniquely branded and versioned to twelve Kroger divisions around the country
  • Website featuring all magazine content, original recipes, product reviews, customized shopping lists, and more.
  • Interactive tablet and mobile apps


Talk about organic growth

  • JANUARY 2013

  • Launched the new Optimum Wellness Magazine, in-store publication for Kroger’s Colorado division




  • Matched existing retailer branding to promote continuity and natural sales


Initially printed 40,000 copies quickly increasing to 60,000.


  • APRIL 2014


Developed and launched
new magazine website

  • OCTOBER 2014

Added 15,000 copies of publication to 60 QFC stores in Seattle


Corporate is sold on the concept.


  • JANUARY 2015


Expanded distribution to Michigan


  • APRIL 2015



  • Kroger’s Oregon grocery chain, Fred Meyer, signed on for 75,000 copies in 130 stores.

  • Magazine rebranded to Live Naturally across all divisions

  • JANUARY 2016


Over the next year, we expand distribution through Kroger divisions around the country. Each edition is branded to the local market, with versioned editorial content and advertising to match local inventory.


Redesigned and launched new website with comprehensive content and social media strategy.

Content driving commerce

  • Users save recipes to personal Recipe Box
  • Customize shopping lists directly from recipes
  • Products link directly to online sales platform

  • NOVEMBER 2016


Develop and launch new mobile app.

  • Fully interactive tablet edition
  • Mobile edition linking product reviews to retailer’s online commerce platform

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